My Cats
September 13, 2013 at 11:49 am 0
ted-dhanik-dog9 ted-dhanik-dog10 ted-dhanik-dog33 ted-dhanik-dog36 ted-dhanik-dog38 ted-dhanik-dog41 ted-dhanik-dog42 ted-dhanik-dog43 ted-dhanik-dog45 ted-dhanik-dog46 ted-dhanik-dog3ted-dhanik-dog7 My cats are Miyagi, Pita Kiwi, and Hefner. Miyagi is a Silver Persian who is three months old. Since he’s being raised around both, he’s not sure if he’s a kitten or a puppy. He is always up for a little mischief and purrs louder than he meows. Hefner is a cream point Himalayan who is twelve years old. He is every bit a lion king. Pita Kiwi is a four-year-old silver shaded Persian. She loves people, food, people food, and taking in view of the city at night. -Ted Dhanik